Because a wrestler's greatest challenges should be on the mat!

 Commitment, perseverance, and sacrifice:  character traits with which anyone associated with wrestling are well-acquainted.  High school  wrestlers all over our great state train and compete from November to February each year, each with his own set of obstacles standing between himself and his goals.  Many of you reading this have witnessed first-hand the hard work and dedication these athletes put forth in pursuit of their dreams.

  However,  some of our wrestlers deal with obstacles most of us aren't familiar with, obstacles that can't be overcome with training and experience, obstacles that can only be overcome through the generosity of others. is proud to provide this space to Gear-4-Kids, a fund specifically set up by Georgia wrestling fans just like you to help under-privileged wrestlers with the necessities most of us take for granted.  Your contribution will be used to provide shoes, singlets, and headgear to these dedicated athletes. 

  Commitment, perseverance, and sacrifice...let's show the way!


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If you know of a wrestler who might need our help, please ask his or her coach to send an email to:

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